Alcohol Ink


Come and explore these amazing and vibrant inks! Instruction includes several techniques to create one-of-a-kind fine art pieces. You will fall in love with their brilliant colors and their playful nature. Class Fee: $35.00.

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Paper Collage


People have been making collages since the invention of paper! In fact, you probably made tons of collages in school. Remember those hand-made Valentines? This class takes you far beyond those school-day collages as you learn to create landscapes and still-life fine art pieces. Class Fee: $35.00.

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AuthenticSelf Art


AuthenticSelf Art focuses on allowing our inner artist to emerge and paint from the soul without judgment or self-criticism. We focus on the creative process instead of the painting itself. To paint from the heart instead of the ego, brings incredible liberation and empowerment. It opens us up to unlimited possibilities and profound insights. This class will be offered the 3rd Saturday of every month starting January 19, 2019. Class fee: $35.00.

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